What's White, Green and Read?

EGO launches new whitepaper: lithium-ion battery versus petrol powered outdoor equipment.

What's White, Green and Read?

Noisy. Dirty. Uncomfortable. Polluting. Not words usually associated with gardening, but terms regularly connected with petrol. A new whitepaper from EGO looks at the benefits of lithium-ion battery versus petrol powered outdoor equipment. Steve Roskell, marketing director (EMEA) of EGO comments: “In the world of professional landscaping and grounds maintenance, petrol has been the fuel of choice for over 100 years – mainly because there has been no viable challenger.

Recently however, battery powered cordless equipment has begun to gain worldwide popularity and increased market share, signalling the most significant shift in the sector for decades.” There are four key factors driving this trend: health & safety, user comfort, the environment and economics, all outlined in a dedicated whitepaper commissioned by EGO, which looks at how to increase safety, productivity, sustainability and cost-effectiveness in commercial gardening.

The whitepaper provides extensive evidence of the potential risks posed by petrol to user health and the environment and the benefits of battery powered tools to company cashflow. Steve continues: “In each of these areas, the benefits of lithium-ion batteries over petrol are overwhelming. Moreover, the emergence of new generation batteries and equipment by global manufacturers such as EGO means that lithium-ion batteries can now match or even surpass the performance of petrol, without any of the drawbacks.” These were all considerations the brand had when designing its latest range of professional equipment, a range of tools that perform beyond the expectations of even the most challenging user. The new range consists of a hedge trimmer, blower, and grass strimmer – all using the unique EGO Power Plus Arc Lithium 56v battery or the new BAX1500 battery backpack.

Displaying the key attributes of battery powered tools, the new EGO professional range is simpler, cleaner, quieter and with less vibration than most of its petrol counterparts making it more comfortable to use. With lower running and maintenance costs, switching to EGO will lead to long term savings, without any down time or reduced productivity, making them ideal for facilities teams, and ground care professionals alike. EGO has created a White Paper outlining the benefits of switching from petrol to battery garden tools.