Think you know batteries, think again

A lot of things have changed

With our Arc Lithium-ion technology, you have a powerful and long-lasting, high-quality battery that gives you maximum performance.

Think you know batteries, think again

No Loss of Power

Anyone who has used a Nickel Cadmium cordless tool in the past has experienced the dramatic dip in performance near the end of the battery cycle.

Our Lithium-ion supplies power that stays the same from start to finish. With more consistent power you can get the job done faster. To a professional gardener, time is money.

Memory Effect

Older NiCad batteries suffered from ‘memory effect’. This happens when a battery will no longer charge to full capacity after being charged and discharged several times.

With lithium-ion, you can recharge our batteries to full capacity from any point, without causing cell damage.

More Power - Less Weight

Just like in mobile phones and laptops, the lithium-ion battery provides more energy, with a lighter tool.

We don’t realise this when we use phones or laptops, but for a professional user using cordless tools all day, the lithium-ion battery can provide a huge benefit.

With less weight, you don’t put stress on your arms and hands, with less fatigue for the whole body. The results are a huge increase in productivity and wellbeing.

Innovative external battery pack - click in design - intelligent power

Our Arc Lithium 56v battery is designed to sit on the outside of the tools, so they won’t overheat; also, the Arc technology has been designed to allow the cells to dissipate any residual heat.

In addition, the ‘Keep Cool’™ technology material surrounds each cell to absorbs heat and keep them at the optimal temperature.

The input of energy is controlled by software and microprocessors, optimising it for the best performance and run time.

The recharge time is one of the fastest in the industry and with a 360° airflow, during the charge time, the battery will stay cool.